VEGATRUCK – Technical training on site

We inform – anytime, anywhere. Our truck is at home on all of Europe's roads.

We inform – anytime, anywhere

On board VEGATRUCK you’ll find lots of functional VEGA instruments. All of them are connected in a network. This means: training under realistic conditions.

Just like in real life!

Handling the instruments and trying them out is explicitly permitted and encouraged in VEGATRUCK. The fifteen models with functioning measuring instruments illustrate VEGA solutions for applications in di†fferent industries.
  • Over 60 m² of exhibition space
  • Hands-on measurement technology
  • Small groups receive intensive training

VEGA on the road

More information and technical data.

Please note:
The VEGATRUCK is only available in Europe.

A feeling like at a conference hotel

In the centre of the generous exhibition area there is a counter with a large screen (55"). This is where presentations and animations are shown. The counter also serves as a catering area.

Fully equipped training room

“Experience, rather than just listen!” also applies to the communication wall. This is where the measurement readings from all the models come together. They can be displayed in many diff†erent ways.

Our knowledge on wheels

Training in all aspects of level and pressure measurement technology is carried out by competent and experienced consultants from VEGA.