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Sludge drying

Measurement of belt loading and mass flow in a thermal sludge drying facility

Process data

Measuring task:
Density measurement
Measuring point:
Conveyor belt
Measuring range up to:
1300 … 1900 kg/m3.
Sewage sludge
Process temperature:
+80 ... +130 °C
Process pressure:
0 … 1 bar
Special challenges:
High temperatures, abrasion


Through drying, the weight and volume of the sludge is further reduced. In the thermal drying unit, which is equipped with a belt drier and a hot (+80 to +130 °C) air stream, water is removed from the sludge through evaporation. The continuous monitoring of belt loading is done by means of radiometric, i.e. radiation-based, measurement - this technique allows optimal, cost-effective dryer control.

Your benefit

Reliable monitoring of belt loading
Cost effective
Optimal equipment operation
User friendly
Simple external installation

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