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Continuous catalyst regeneration

Level measurement and point level detection of catalyst

Process data

Measuring task:
Level measurement and point level detection
Measuring point:
Vertical column
Measuring range up to:
20 m
Liquid distillate naphtha
Process temperature:
+230 … +400 °C
Process pressure:
+20 … +60 bar
Special challenges:
High process temperature


Platformers and reformers, both catalyst-based processes, require “fresh” catalyst at a given point in their cycle. To provide fresh catalyst without shutting down the process, a continuous catalyst regeneration unit can be installed. This unit regenerates the spent catalyst so that it can be used again. Maintaining the proper level in the vessel ensures that the expensive catalyst is used at the highest level of efficiency without waste.

Your benefit

Non-invasive measurement ensures high plant availability
Cost effective
Lightweight design reduces mounting costs
User friendly
External mounting does not interrupt the process

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