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Amine contactor

Level and pressure measurement of high pressure amine contactor

Process data

Measuring task:
Level and pressure measurement
Measuring point:
Vertical cylinder
Measuring range up to:
2 m
Amine solution
Process temperature:
+45 … +280 °C
Process pressure:
+3 … +120 bar
Special challenges:
Changing specific gravities, high pressure


Amine contactors introduce amine solutions to the incoming natural gas from the inlet separator to remove acidic components, such as H2S and CO2, from the process stream. The operator must accurately monitor the amine collecting at the bottom of the contactor to ensure that the process is running efficiently.

Your benefit

Measurement independent of changing process conditions
Cost effective
Low maintenance requirements reduce downtime and costs
User friendly
Broad range of process fittings allows easy retrofitting

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