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Level and pressure measurement in the production of enzymes, proteins and antibodies

Process data

Measuring task:
Level and pressure measurement
Measuring point:
Measuring range up to:
5 m
Process temperature:
+20 … +80 °C
Process pressure:
-1 … +5 bar
Special challenges:
Frequent cleaning cycles


Some pharmaceutical companies use bioreactor vessels to cultivate particular cells or microorganisms required for certain treatments. The very high level of hygiene required means the vessels and all associated parts must be easy to thoroughly clean, because even the slightest contamination with other organisms can lead to an aborted production run. These reactors are mainly "batch-fed", where they are completely filled at the start and not emptied again until the process is completed. The pressure and level in the reactor have to be monitored continuously during process in order to obtain a high-quality yield.

Your benefit

Unaffected by extreme process conditions
Cost effective
Reliable, continuous operation with absolute hygiene
User friendly
Easy adjustment and setup, as internals do not interfere

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