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Pressure screen

Pressure measurement in the pressure screen

Process data

Measuring task:
Pressure measurement
Measuring point:
Pressure screen
Measuring range up to:
2 bar
Paper suspension
Process temperature:
+20 … +50 °C
Process pressure:
+1.5 … +2 bar
Special challenges:
Pressure surges, abrasion, contaminants in the suspension


Pressure screens are used to filter out impurities and separate fibres in stock preparation. A rotating screen basket inside the filter does the actual filtering. Pressure screens have an inlet for the suspension, an outlet for accepted stock and a discharge for rejected stock and contaminants. The process conditions are characterized by pressure surges as well as abrasion and contaminants in the stock. Efficient screening requires a controlled pressure difference between inlet and outlet, which therefore requires continuous, reliable measurement.

Your benefit

Reliable measurement despite strong vibration
Cost effective
High abrasion resistance guarantees long operation
User friendly
Self-cleaning and maintenance-free thanks to front-flush mounting

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