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Pressure line in a hydroelectric power plant

Breakage and leak detection in a pressure line in a hydroelectric power plant

Process data

Measuring task:
Flow rate measurement
Measuring point:
Pressure line
Measuring range up to:
500 mbar
Process temperature:
0 ... +20 °C
Process pressure:
0 … +500 mbar
Special challenges:
Pressure shocks


In hydroelectric power plants, water is transported from the dam to the turbine via a pressure pipe. A partial or complete rupture of the pressure line leads to an increase in flow rate in the pipe that is higher than the maximum permissible flow expected. Undetected leaks lead to flooding and destruction of the power plant, resulting in a loss of energy production. For that reason it is important to measure the flow rate reliably in order to detect a pipe break and thus trigger the necessary remedial action, such as closing the pressure valve.

Your benefit

Accurate flow measurement in the pipeline ensures timely leak detection in the pressure line
Cost effective
Long-term stability of the differential pressure transmitter
User friendly
Simple commissioning setup without medium

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