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Silage tank

Level measurement and point level detection in the storage tank for fish waste

Process data

Measuring task:
Level and point level measurement
Measuring point:
Measuring range up to:
20 m
Fish silage
Process temperature:
-20 ... +30 °C
Process pressure:
0 … 0 bar
Special challenges:
Foam, buildup


Fish waste and scraps are the valuable raw material for fish silage, which in turn is a protein-rich raw material for the production of fish meal and dry fish feed. The acids used during production enable controlled growth of bacteria. The levels in the storage tanks must be carefully and reliably monitored. The visualisation of current process and storage status is handled by VEGA Inventory System.

Your benefit

Better, consistent product quality, because of precise monitoring
Cost effective
Simple setup and commissioning, completely maintenance free
User friendly
Universal, media-independent measurement technology

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