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In use in over 100,000 applications worldwide: 80-GHz radar sensors from VEGA: VEGAPULS 64 for liquids (left) and its counterpart for bulk solids, VEGAPULS 69 (right).

80-GHz radar sensors from VEGA

Frequency is a crucial parameter for efficient level detection. Just how crucial, however, was surprising even to VEGA as a manufacturer of measurement technology.

80-GHz radar technology found market acceptance at a pace nobody had expected. It quickly replaced the previous 26-GHz technology standard in many areas. With more than 100,000 80-GHz radar instruments already sold, there is good reason to celebrate at the company headquarters.

The step towards a universal measuring instrument

80-GHz radar sensors can be used universally for the majority of industrial level applications. VEGAPULS 64 detects liquids with unwavering accuracy, even with condensate or buildup on the antenna. And since the sensor can also be equipped with the smallest antenna of its kind, there’s hardly a mounting location where it wouldn’t fit. 80-GHz sensors also set standards for applications with bulk solids. It doesn't matter if there’s a lot of dust in the air or material sticking to the sensor: VEGAPULS 69 has the performance reserves needed to reliably handle measuring situations like these.
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