Liquid or solid media? Scorching hot or freezing cold process conditions?
Previously, 10 different VEGAPULS 60 models were needed to cover the entire range of level tasks, but now there is just one: VEGAPULS 6X.

So instead of having to choose between all these: 

  • VEGAPULS 61,
  • VEGAPULS 62,
  • VEGAPULS 63,
  • VEGAPULS 64,
  • VEGAPULS 65,
  • VEGAPULS 66,
  • VEGAPULS 67,
  • VEGAPULS 68 or

sensors, customers can now be sure they’ve got the right sensor when they select a VEGAPULS 6X. The instrument always works, always fits and replaces all the previous models perfectly.

Simple, made simpler, THE 6X®.

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