Experience VEGA at IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technology.

Especially when it comes to water, it’s extremely important to design processes that handle this increasingly precious resource as efficiently as possible. VEGA measurement technology for level, switching and pressure supports you in the best possible way.

Our goal is to bring measurably more efficiency and sustainability to your water, wastewater and raw material processes: with our sensor technology, smart networking and unique services.

Get to know our level and pressure measurement technology up close and in action: presented by our expert Fabian Rommel during multiple live demos, or by other booth staff, who also stand ready to answer any questions you may have.


Please let us know if you want to attend. We’d be happy to send you an admission ticket voucher.


Exhibition crew

Berthold Boeser
Antje Buhr
Andreas Hilebrand
Fabian Rommel
Frank Schuffenhauer
Wilibald Stumhofer
Joachim Wagner
Matthias Wahle
Dominik Uhl
Nils Springmann
Corinna Armbruster
Jule Grabsch
Salvatore Rizzo
Sovan Dahlet
Georg Wegscheider
Ali Kaya
Ralf Höll
Matthias Schmidt
Jürgen Skowaisa
Beatrix Vollmer