Welcome to the Water & Environmental Sustainability Exhibition


In an era where the stewardship of our planet's resources is a crucial responsibility, this exhibition shines a spotlight on the vital industries of water and wastewater management.
As we confront the challenges of population growth, industrial expansion, and climate change, sustainable water resources management has never been more important.

VEGA, a leader in sensor technology for level, switching, and pressure—perfectly tailored to meet the unique demands of the water and wastewater industry VEGA’s precision measurement tools enable effective monitoring and management of drinking water supplies, wastewater treatment, and much more.

VEGA’s innovative solutions empower various water and wastewater processes globally, providing accurate data for automatic control systems. With decades of expertise in delivering state-of-the-art sensors for containers, pipelines, filters, and reservoirs worldwide, VEGA ensures ease of installation and operation, making it a preferred choice for industries and governments alike.

Meet our team of water and wastewater experts that offers solutions for the challenges facing the industry, including:

- Water Treatment and Distribution: Solutions to enhance efficiency and reliability in water treatment and distribution systems.
- Wastewater Management: Technologies to optimize and modernize wastewater management, improving safety and ecological impact.


We look forward to meeting you at our stand PC 14 in the Pecatu Hall!


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