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You’d like to talk with an expert? You’re looking for the ideal sensor for your requirements? Then call us. We’ll be glad to help you select the right instrument.

You’ll be connected with your VEGA consultant via our switchboard:

+86 22 26273296

Service hotline

If you need service, feel free to call our 24-hour hotline, available seven days a week. Only normal call charges are incurred:

+49 1805 85 85 50

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Input your 8 digit instrument serial number for manuals, certificates and information relating to your device.

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Serial number search

Some documents containing personal data (e.g. certificates) are only visible when you log in.

Log in to myVEGA to see all documents relating to your instrument.

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Where to find your serial number

On the back side of your device

Inside your device

On PLICSCOM menu under ‘Information’

In PACTware software