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Trip tank

Level measurement in the trip tank

Level measurement in the trip tank
Level measurement in the trip tank

Process data

Measuring task:
Level measurement
Measuring point:
Measuring range up to:
10 m
Contaminated mud (drilling mud)
Process temperature:
0 … +90 °C
Process pressure:
0 … 0 bar
Special challenges:
Different mud compositions, strong abrasion


The drilling mud flowing back under high pressure from the drilling well is held and monitored in the trip tank. This drilling mud is contaminated with sea water, rocks and sand. In addition to materials like rocks and sand, residues of oil and gas are also present. The built-in level measuring system provides feedback about down-well conditions, basic data for comparing the quantity of drilling mud fed into the wellbore with that returned, as well as regulating mud production.

Your benefit

Reliable measurement, independent of the characteristics of the drilling mud
Cost effective
Maintenance-free and accurate determination of mud usage
User friendly
Simple installation and setup

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